A417 Missing Link project updates

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Latest updates

Want to go behind-the-scenes on the A417 Missing Link this Summer?

Come and see how construction is progressing at one of our exclusive open days being held this summer:

  • Thursday 25 July, 1pm to 3pm
  • Thursday 8 August, 10am to 12 noon
  • Thursday 22 August, 10am to 12 noon
  • Thursday 29 August, 1pm to 3pm
  • Thursday 5 September, 10am to 12pm

During the visit, you’ll be able to see first hand the construction of the new environmental bridge called the Gloucestershire Way Crossing, catch up on the latest developments on the scheme and ask the team any questions you may have.

To book your place, send your name and email address along with your preferred date and the number of places you require to: A417MissingLink@nationalhighways.co.uk with A417 Summer Site Visits in the subject line. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

As this is a fully operational working site, no children under the age of five can take part in these visits, however we are planning to organise a family day soon.

Open doors event image

Cowley Roundabout contraflow

From Monday 1 July, there will be a contraflow system in place on the A417 at Cowley Roundabout. This is so that we can start to prepare to build Cowley junction, where the new section of the A417 will tie into the existing carriageway.   

The road will look different, with traffic reduced to a single lane in both directions, and a temporary mandatory speed limit of 40mph. Cowley Roundabout will no longer be in use and traffic travelling south will not be able to exit towards Brimpsfield at this location. 

Contraflow – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contraflow?
A contraflow is a traffic management system that allows vehicles to travel along a section of road in the opposite direction to the normal flow of traffic.

Why do we need traffic management at this location?
We need to move traffic away from the southbound carriageway to create a safe working space. This will allow us to join the new A417 to the existing carriageway.

What should you expect as a driver travelling northbound on the A417?
Vehicles travelling north on the A417 will filter from two lanes into one around 2.7km south of the Cowley Roundabout. The lane will be slightly narrower than normal with no physical barrier between opposing traffic. This is due to the available space on the carriageway. For this reason, a reduced speed limit of 40mph will be in place inline with Government guidelines.
Traffic will pass straight through the old roundabout. Vehicles will be able to exit left towards Brimpsfield as normal.

What should you expect as a driver travelling southbound?
Vehicles travelling south on the A417 will continue in a single lane instead of travelling round Cowley Roundabout. Just before the old roundabout, traffic will move to the northbound side of the A417 carriageway as part of a contraflow system. After around 700m, traffic will move back to the southbound carriageway and continue along the A417 in two lanes as usual. There will be no exit towards Brimpsfield for southbound traffic at this location. Continue to the next junction, exit at The Highwayman Inn and rejoin the northbound carriageway to exit left towards Brimpsfield.

How long will it be in place for?
A contraflow will be in place at this location from 1 July 2024 until Summer 2026.
The contraflow will then move to the southbound carriageway, allowing us to work safely on the northbound carriageway to connect the new and existing roads. This will be in place until completion of scheme in Spring 2027.

Will there be a speed limit in place?
There will be an enforceable speed limit of 40mph and temporary average speed cameras will be in place. CCTV will also be in place to monitor the traffic.

Our updated scheme map

A417 Missing Link project scheme map

From 27 April, we have updated our working hours.

An extension of working hours for earthworks activities has been agreed with the planning authority and is as follows:

  • 07:00-19:00 on Mondays to Fridays
  • 07:30-16:00 on Saturdays

Closure on Stockwell Lane

FULL CLOSURE Stockwell Lane

Date: 1 July 2024 for 18 months

This lane will not be accessible during this time to prepare for construction of the new road and bridge building at this location.

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